Writing an Effective Recruitment Advertising: 8 Essential Tips

When thinking about advertising for the recruitment of new team members, it is important to understand certain notions that govern what a good recruitment ad looks like. To best understand how an advertisement can help you attract more applications and increase your chances of choosing from a large pool, you should start thinking about what your ad will look like to job applicants. Use this thinking as a starting point in making your dream advertisement.

Understand the Basics of Recruitment Advertising

The type of ad you manage to make will in large part determine the kind of applicants you will be able to attract. To best use the little space you have, think twice before making any bold decisions. Thinking ahead will save you a lot of resources as well as a good recruitment ad will resonate more strongly and will attract the kind of people you are looking for. What follows are our top recommendations for running successful recruitment advertising campaigns.

Grab Their Attention


Ways to grab the candidate attention in Job advertisement:

  1. Place your attention-catcher in the first 5 seconds of an Instagram video ad
  2. If using YouTube, make sure that your hook is WRITTEN in captions rather than spoken, as video previews are silent
  3. On Google AdSense, favor GIFs over static imagery and go for strong meta-descriptions with a hook in the first 158 characters for in-results ads on Google results page
  4. Facebook is a great ad platform, with a slightly different approach since Facebook is more text-focused. Using your findings from Digital Marketing strategies, you can use professional writers to more easily implement them in the text describing your company and what you are looking for. A more visual approach is a good thing to do, but your intentions may fail with a fraction of viewers
  5. Pinterest is as visual as it gets. The platform is perfect for photo-based ads and tag-based searches and may attract more women than men. Keep this in mind when looking for your next recruitment advertisement platform
  6. LinkedIn is the best bet you have with recruitment advertisements. Thanks to their algorithms that connect professionals from various fields, they can present your ad to your desired audience. This is the perfect platform for the more tech-savvy, moving in specialized circles.

Make a Good First Impression

Making a good impression is the first thing that you should think about. You should specifically recognize what kind of job applicants you are looking for and what you may or may not like. Allow your findings to guide you through the rest of the ad-making. Always allow brainstorming and coming up with motos and visuals that could attract your desired audience's attention.

Work on the Outlay

Even before any words are read, a good outlay will attract the eyes of the client. Making sure that the visual aspect of the text is taken into account is also important, so choose your text formatting wisely and include it in a picture, rather than leave it as a chunk of text. Screens of different sizes easily reformat your text and break the cohesion, which cannot happen with an image.

Tips for text outlay for Job Advertisement:

  • Be using different font styles and sizes for different levels of hierarchy,
  • Be justified since it makes the best use of screen space and looks styled and formal,
  • Use up to three shades of the same text color. Make sure the colors either match or complement your logo palette.

Reasonable outlay speaks volumes about your company. Although not everybody wants their ads to be too formal, organizing a text and making it visually appealing will make you sound more professional and serious. After all, we all remember the difference between well- and badly-made college notes.

SEO-Optimize Your Ad Campaign

Making your ad content as search-friendly as possible goes without saying. Go for the optimization once you've decided on the target audience, the medium, and styling. Instead of overstuffing your short form with repeated keywords, go for synonyms and various possible search terms. Hire the best professional thesis writing service to make sure that the writing assignment is well composed. Sometimes, hiring professionals who can summarize huge volumes of data for you can pay off more than you think.

Writing an effective ad will attract as many job-hunting eyes as possible and inform and present the basics of what you are looking for. Stop for a moment to think about the questions applicants may have had during your previous recruitment campaigns, and try to answer those questions beforehand.

Guide Through Visuals


Use visuals as much as you can. People can retain 65% of what they see, unlike reading, where only 10-20% is retained. The visuals should have internal cohesion that should stem from your company's idea and logo colors. On some platforms, you can even add captions to an image to make sure that your message stands out. You can hire a writing service to come up with catchy slogans and sentences that resonate. Having cohesion of this kind will ensure that you guide your applicants through a streamlined process with a constant feel.

Use Bullet Points

Using bullet points is good for several reasons:

  • You can organize your ideas
  • You can present snippets of information
  • You can give a visual element to your ideas
  • You can avoid content that is prolonged and watered down,
  • You can interest people who skip over longer chunks of text.

Use Numbered Lists

Use numbered lists for the following reasons:

  1. They are a great way to organize ideas hierarchically,
  2. They can organize ideas chronologically,
  3. They give the idea of separate chunks of information, unlike the bullet lists,
  4. They are a great way to propose step-by-step information (such as the application process).

Do Not Sound Too Salesy

Avoid sounding too salesy. Making wild promises and presenting your workplace as a heaven for people you are trying to attract can be counterproductive. Any serious applicant with a lot of experience (i.e., people you should try to attract) will avoid overly romanticized job offers since they know that every workplace has its pros and cons.


Making sure that your recruitment advertising campaign runs smoothly and productively will turn into a successful recruitment advertising campaign. Remember that it is not the number of applicants, but rather the quality that you are looking for. Apply our tips on effective recruitment advertising for the best results. A successful ad should include all the relevant info wrapped in your colors and your idea of what an ideal job candidate should be like.

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