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Leverage Artificial Intelligence to ease your hiring process

Automatically discover, connect, retarget and hire the best-suited candidates for your organization

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Empower recruiters with emerging technologies

Automatically screen candidates using AI

Skillate AI engine screens all incoming and internal repository of resume in real time to find the best ones in real time.

Skillate matching engine uses deep learning algorithms to understand your job requirements and industry dynamics and recommend the best suited candidates

Develop better understanding about candidates from their social media profiles and our intelligent insights for quick decision making

It’s not just a screening platform

With Skillate you can collaborate with your team, manage pipelines, generate reports and be up to your industry speed all in just one place.

Collaborate with your team and hiring managers

Assign responsibilities and easily shortlist, tag and review candidates you are interested in, to close them quickly

Personalized email and tracking

Send auto-generated personalized emails in bulk and keep track of click through rates.

Integrate with your career page

Collect resume by publishing and sharing job openings everywhere.

Source through referral and external agencies

Invite colleagues to refer friends or add external agencies to collect resumes automatically discover the best ones.

Retarget candidates

Never miss out on candidates. Our intelligent system keeps profiles up to date so you can re-target candidates who showed interest.

Join us in our journey

We are on the mission to optimize the entire recruiting process with cutting edge technology

Happy customer is our core philosophy

BigBasket has been working with Skillate team for the past one year. They have helped us optimize our recruitment needs. Their product – Skillate, not only auto sources profiles across a wide variety of platforms, but also ranks the best-fits. This has boosted our recruitment team’s productivity. Skillate has an excellent team and are always ready to create customer delight in every engagement.
Tanuja Tewari
Tanuja Tewari
GM HR, BigBasket

While many companies and organisations do understand that talent attraction and nurturing is critical for business growth and employer branding, what they seem to struggle with is building and leveraging their talent database.

Here is where Skillate helps very well – the platform ensures one always has visibility to the talent approached directly and the talent in the market.

Their resume parser is top class! Skillate has all the functionalities one can expect from Recruitment application. It helps in data management and history of each candidate processed is managed very well. Managing talent database was never this easy!

Kalpana Swaminathan
Kalpana Swaminathan
Sr. Manager HR, HomeLane

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