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Skillate Smart Recruitment

Everything you need to optimize your hiring process

Empower recruiters with AI based Talent Acquisition

One stop solution for all hiring requirements. Use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize every step in your hiring process

Skillate AI based Recruitment

Talent Sourcing

A unified view of all candidates from multiple sources

Talent Sourcing

Internal Database

  • Integrate with homegrown system or ATS like SuccessFactors, Taleo, Workday etc. to source resume
  • Synchronize your central resume repository or company mailbox
  • Easily forward all the resume in your email to Skillate

Wider Candidate Reach

  • Use AI enabled referral system for selective jobs
  • Light and fast auto-generated smart career page to receive applications
  • Multiple job board integration like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, iimjobs etc

Duplicacy Check

  • Reduce redundancies with a single consolidated view of candidates from different sources
  • Easily identify actual candidate ownership among different sources
  • Enhance transparency among different stakeholders

Screening and Recommendation

Skillate's sophisticated AI engine is trained with 20 million diverse profiles to read and understand candidates resume and find the perfect fit

Screening and Recommendation of Candidates

Resume Parsing and Indexing

The Skillate AI engine

  • Reads all resume file types including pdf, doc, docx, txt, odt etc.
  • Understands varied formats like tabular and images as well
  • Structures the information, indexes and stack rank the candidates

Intelligent Matching

  • Matching algorithm is trained to 'Think like a recruiter'
  • Candidates screened on skills, education and experience
  • Understands complex requirements; much beyond keyword search

Self learning

  • Reinforced dynamic learning based on recruiter actions
  • Improves parsing and matching accuracies over time
  • Learns the hiring patterns and industry trends to fine-tune matching


Enhance the experience of all stakeholders

Engagement with candidates and hiring team

Candidate Experience

  • Increase conversion chances of a candidate by matching to all open positions
  • Personalized conversations and email tracking with analytics
  • Rediscover suitable candidates from repository to close positions

Collaborate with hiring team

  • Collectively vote and review candidates
  • Share notes or forward the candidate to a colleague
  • Consolidated view of all actions with the candidate for easy decision


HR analytics and hiring data helps you take better decisions

Recruitment Reports

Source Quality

  • Understand how different resume channels are performing
  • Determine the overall and job wise performance
  • Eliminate the redundant sources and save hiring cost

Time to Hire

  • Analytics on user activity to understand recruiter actions
  • Check out the time spent at various stages of hiring
  • Optimize the process and save the hiring time

Rejection Report

  • Identify the major reasons for candidate rejections
  • Understand the reasons for vanilla and niche profiles
  • Address the reasons and increase conversions

Let us help you transform your hiring process