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AI tailored and trained for your unique hiring practises

Our intelligent self learns from your hiring patterns and gets better with time. Just create a Job Profile and our trained AI will screen the incoming or the pool of candidates you already have in your database and recommend you the best suited candidate for your organization.

AI trained through 10.2 million profiles

Skillate AI engine is well trained to make sense of all the data in all the resume you have and it automatically parse and structure it’s information.

curated candidates
enriched candidates

Data enriched with latest informations

Our intelligent system automatically enrich candidate information with their latest work and experience through their social and professional media profiles

AI-driven screening

Our very versatile AI engine calibrates each candidates against an array of complex criteria and rank them on the basis of skills, experience and education.

ai driven screening
actionable insights

Candidate matched with Job profiles

Our deep learning algorithm is customized for each organization and depending upon multitudes of factors like your hiring pattern, industry trends and job requirement it recommends the most relevant candidates for the job.

Let us help you transform your hiring process

It’s not just a screening platform

With Skillate you can collaborate with your team, manage pipelines, generate reports and be up to your industry speed all in just one place.

Collaborate with your team and hiring managers

Assign responsibilities and easily shortlist, tag and review candidates you are interested in, to close them quickly

Personalized email and tracking

Send auto-generated personalized emails in bulk and keep track of click through rates.

Integrate with your career page

Collect resume by publishing and sharing job openings everywhere.

Source through referral and external agencies

Invite colleagues to refer friends or add external agencies to collect resumes automatically discover the best ones.

Retarget candidates

Never miss out on candidates. Our intelligent system keeps profiles up to date so you can re-target candidates who showed interest.

Join us in our journey

We are on the mission to optimize the entire recruiting process with cutting edge technology